Leodo :
The Paradise

Min Moon and Kind Patrons of the Arts

— Producer


This event was held in memory of my beloved father, “Mr. Moon” who passed away in 2013 from cancer. He taught me that to be human is to live with meaning, and I wanted to honor the memories of all those dearly missed through this moving production of from Jeju Island, South Korea.

Producer: Min Moon + Kind Patrons of the Arts
Manager: Diana Lee
Graphic Design: Eunyoung Kang 
Videographer: Juwan Lim
Photographer: Erik Martinson

Participating Artists: Korean Performing Arts Development, MARO (Ho Sung Yang, Haein Song, Jong Suk Ki, Yoo Jeong Oh, Jeong Hyeon Yun, Jungsoo Kim, Hanol Ko, Jeonglim Kim)

Special Donor and Support Recognition: The Moon Family, Eliza Kim, Susan Chung, Tim Barnhart, Brendan Tower, 229+ Kickstarter Backers, Kenny & Heidi Lee, Joana Chong, Jessica Yu, Yang Joon Hwang, Je D. Ha, Chong T. Kim, Sinae Cheh, Hyo Han, Mickey Hyun, Hayden Davis

Promotional Sponsors: Korean American Chamber of Commerce Washington State, The Korea Times, SeattleN, JoySeattle, KnewsN, KOAM TV, Korea Freedom Federation
Artist Visa Support: Jessica Yu, Lane Powell PC

6.17.2016 — Benaroya Hall

Seattle, USA

We are grateful for our sponsors: